Office of Student Activities and Campus Life


The mission of the Student Activities and Campus Life office is to improve student persistence, retention and completion rates by offering opportunities and experience beyond the classroom that encourage learning and student success.

  • The office is a an integral part of the college’s total program, supports its’ goals and objectives, and receives the college’s support in performing program responsibilities.
  • The office believes that the well being of the institution lies in the hands of the students.
  • Our goal is to keep students engaged and connected to campus life; involvement equals success.
  • The office offers co-curricular opportunities that will help students prepare for personal and civic responsibility, as well as for the opportunity intellectual, aesthetic, and personal development.
  • The office regard students as individuals who possess dignity, worth and the ability to be self-directed.
  • The office is committed to fostering a positive self-image, self-worth, self-concept in students, and in doing so, helping them to become responsible, healthy adults.

The Student Activities Office is located in F-217. For further information, email

Our Staff




Aja Butler
Director of Student Activities & Campus Life

Krystal Hong
Clerical Staff

Justin Lee
Clerical Staff