ASCOA Senators

Published May 9th, 2012 in

2018-2019 ASCOA Senators

  1. Katherine O’Brien, ASCOA Vice President of Operations
  2. Bryant Montufar, ASCOA Vice President of Programs
  3. Charlene Roxas, ASCOA Treasurer
  4. Elvin Yuen, ASCOA Senator
  5. Simmie Muhammad, ASCOA Senator
  6. Aidan Situ, ASCOA Senator
  7. Kylie Tam, ASCOA Senator


Join the ASCOA
  • The ASCOA currently has six (6) open positions. If you are interested in joining the ASCOA complete the online application.
  • Students that meet the minimum GPA (2.0 cumulative GPA) and unit requirements (enrolled in a minimum of five (5) semester units) will be invited for an interview with the ASCOA.
  • Following the interview current ASCOA board members will vote to appoint potential applicants to the board.
  • If approved new officers will take their oath of officer at the following meeting and the term of service will begin.