Student Government (ASCOA)


The Associated Students of College of  Alameda (ASCOA) have formed a student government designed to provide a mechanism to assist and improve the campus environment. 

The effective functioning of ASCOA depends upon student participation and financial support. Because the financial support for student activities comes from the purchase of student body cards, each student is encouraged to purchase a card.through changing and improving the already existing services.

The purchaser of a student body card is entitled to the following privileges:

  1. The privilege of holding student association offices;
  2. Participation in all student clubs and organizations;
  3. Discounts from various merchants in the College district;
  4. Free or reduced admissions to Peralta Colleges’ sponsored activities, including interscholastic athletic events.

Clubs and organizations may be formed under College staff sponsorship whenever there is a worthwhile purpose and sufficient interest is indicated. The organization of clubs is controlled by ASCOA. Each club must be officially recognized in order to use the College name or to sponsor or participate in campus activities. Information concerning organizational procedures, as well as the use of College facilities, may be obtained from the Student Activities Office.