Robert J. Brem

Title: Robert J. Brem, MA, MC, LPC, NCC Robert Brem in front of a class lecturing
School/Location: Alameda
Phone: (510) 748-2276
Office/Classroom: COA C-202


Robert Brem is a “philosopher” and futurist – teaching politics, public administration, and psychology. He has taught at eight institutions of higher learning in Arizona and California. He has been at College of Alameda since 2004.  Robert is also on the faculty at CSU-East Bay (since 2006) teaching in the Master in Public Administration MPA program and in Political Science.

Robert is a graduate of Arizona State University (in the areas of  politics, counseling, and public administration). He is a National Board certified professional counselor and holds a certificate in non-profit organizational management. He has been a professional teacher, and  consigliere (organizational consulting, “mentoring” (life coach & clinical supervisor), and counseling) since 1989.

Each moment of your life is a vote for the future in which you will live.

Francis Moore-Lappe

Robert Brem seeks to be an influence in the lives of the people with whom he works — as a teacher and mentor and advisor — such that they are able to see the world in different ways and relate to it in a manner which is real, accessible, and personal. This is an invitation to an awareness of how one can be an active part of making their world a better place in their own unique way — and in so doing, live more meaningful and fulfilling lives!

Education is not the filling of a pail,
but the lighting of a fire.
— William Butler Yeats

Robert Brem’s Professional activities:

Robert is the Coordinator of the Community Change and Urban Leadership Initiative which involves community based organization partnership development and (currently) three Pathway to Career Success Tracks:

1)   The Violence Prevention Initiative & Certificate,

2)   The Community College Pathway to  Law School, and

3)   The Public Service Pathway to an MPA.

These Pathways are in partnership with selected East Bay High Schools, CSU East Bay, and Six California Law Schools.

Robert is an associate with the Center for Futures Consciousness  and is established as being highly proficient in innovative “futures consciousness” & “learning college” driven curriculum development; and in organizational change practices.  He is a past chair of the Curriculum Committee at College of Alameda {2008 to 2015} and was Co-Chair of the District “Green” curriculum committee and a member of the Steering Committee for the Sustainable Peralta Initiative.

He is a member of multiple professional organizations including:
•Public Administration Theory Network • American Society of Public Administration • World Futurist Society • Institute of Noetic Sciences • Union of Concerned Scientists • International Association of Public Participation • Association for Humanistic Psychology
…and a member of multiple Political Groups including:
• Greenpeace • Amnesty International • American Civil Liberties Union • The National Rifle Association • The Southern Poverty Law Center

Professor Brem’s research interests include:

Democratic philosophy via narrative contextual systems approaches to the multiple dimensions of public service; the transformative implications of public dialogue and participation and the evolution of world views in creating “desired futures” via the processes of conscious evolution.

These areas include:

  • Civic Engagement
  • Alternative Dispute Resolution
  • Peace Studies
  • Alternative Futures Policy Analysis
  • Approaches in Change Agency