Psychology Club

Meetings: On hiatus

Mission: The College of Alameda Psychology Club provides a safe outlet for personal growth and aims to improve the well-being of the college student body and of the greater community.

The Psychology Club takes a deeper look into psychology than you would find in a psychology course, and offers hands-on experience. The club also aspires to be active in the community and promote strong leadership skills among its members. Among the myriad of functions of the Psychology Club are:

  • Meet like-minded people
  • Participate in the community
  • Deepen understanding of oneself
  • Explore psychology-related topics in depth
  • Hold workshops for school community
  • Go on psychology-related field trips
  • Do research
  • Have fundraisers

For students studying psychology in the Peralta District who plan to transfer into a psychology program at a 4-year college (especially for students transferring into the UC system), the Psychology Club provides an excellent opportunity to gain extracurricular and volunteer experience that will help their application stand out to the university of their choice while simultaneously partaking in a meaningful and fun group.