Physics 4C

Field Trips, Spring 2010

Spring 2010 Physics 4C Field Trips from Patti Tsai on Vimeo.

Transfer night:  Returning students, Spring 2012.


For review and visualization:

Ch. 15: Traveling Wave – continuous – Each point on a traveling wave undergoes simple harmonic motion.

Ch. 15: Traveling Wave – single period– View a snapshot (above) and the history (below) of a traveling wave over one period.

Ch. 15: Ripple Tank – Vary frequency, amplitude. Check out 3D.

Ch. 15: Doppler Effect – Drag mouse to indicate velocity of the source of waves.

Ch. 31: Electromagnetic wave – Electric & magnetic fields, generated by a moving charge, are transverse to direction of propagation.

Ch. 15, 34: Standing wave – A simple example of interference.

Ch. 34: Interference Movie – Click on “Atomic Lab.” Scroll down to “Interfering Waves” movie.

Ch. 34: Incident & reflected waves on string w/ density change – Incident wave from the left.

Ch. 34: Huygens’ Principle. Ch. 35: Single slit diffraction – Drag slider to adjust size of gap.

Ch. 35: Diffraction through a single slit – Vary width of slit and wavelength of light. (Wait for applet to load.)

Ch. 36: Twin Paradox (turn up volume) – You Tube video by Ricardo Eusebi

Ch. 38: Young’s Double Slit Experiment for Electrons – From the Hitachi Corp.

Ch. 38: Quantum Measurement Movies – From the Hitachi Corp.

Ch 43: Lawrence Berkeley Lab field trip, Advanced Light Source Components – Be able to describe or answer questions about the basic physics of each component.