Physics Department Learning Objectives:

  1. Students apply the concepts of physics to everyday situations.
  2. Students develop descriptions of physical systems using mathematics and calculate measurable quantities.
  3. Students set up laboratory equipment safely, plan and carry out experimental procedures, identify possible sources of error, reduce and interpret data, and prepare clear written reports.

The study of Physics is the study of the universe, beginning with the fundamental structures of nature such as energy and matter. Ideas in physics have led to great developments such as such as relativity, superconductivity, the semiconductor chip, lasers, and string theory.

Careers in physics include: basic and applied research, engineering, science education, and almost any field requiring you to think analytically about whole systems. It is also excellent preparation for higher educational pursuits in professional schools in medicine and patent law.

The mission of the Physics Department at College of Alameda is to integrate problem-solving with a firm conceptual foundation and laboratory exercises. You will spend time working with other students in class, discussing physics concepts and solving problems together.

We offer following physics classes:

  • Physics 4 series (4A, 4B, and 4C): These calculus-based general physics courses satisfy major requirements for science and engineering majors. You can find more information on the course page.
  • Physics 10: This introduction to physics satisfies general education requirements for physical science without lab. We offer Physics 10 as an online course; you can find more information on the course page.

Other department resources, such as campus site-license for Mathematica and Wolfram|Alpha Pro, are available on the Department Resources page.

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