Department of Kinesiology and Athletics

Shadows of different workoutsCommitted to educating the “whole person,” the College of Alameda encourages you to take courses in kinesiology, the purpose of which is to teach you the benefits of life-long, wholesome physical activity. The Kinesiology Department sponsors a variety of recreational sport activities and physical fitness courses that will suit your interests and needs.

In this department you’ll find the following types of courses:

Physical Fitness Courses and Recreational Activities

person on incline lifting weightsWe live in a society where the health dangers of a sedentary life-style are obvious. These courses will allow you to develop and enjoy physical skills that will form the basis of a healthful, life-long penchant for physical and recreational activity.

You may choose from the following recreational activity courses: volleyball, badminton, basketball, and bowling. More activity courses coming soon. Students will receive .5-1 credit each semester.

Kinesiology (KIN)

The College of Alameda has remodeled it fitness center for cardiovascular exercise and weight training. You may choose from the following fitness courses: cross-training for strength , cross-fitness, strength training, circuit and sports training, aerobics, and yoga. Students may receive .5-1 credit each semester for getting into good physical condition.

Athletics (ATHL)

The College of Alameda offers two intercollegiate teams that compete in the Bay Valley Conference. If you are a member of one of these teams, you will take courses such as Men’s Intercollegiate Basketball and Women’s Intercollegiate Volleyball.

Student-athletes will receive 3.0 units for participating on the women’s volleyball during the fall semester and 2.0 units for men’s basketball during the winter and spring semester.

Lecture Courses

In addition to the above activities and competition courses, you’ll find lecture courses, i.e.,   Introduction to Kinesiology, Athletic Injuries, First Aid and Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation. Coming soon: Introduction to Recreation.

We hope that you would find time to visit with us and if you are interested in further study or participation, please browse our offerings by clicking on the class schedule link.