kierke gaardWhat is Philosophy? Philosophy is a discipline that examines fundamental questions about everyday life and the natural world. The main objectives of studying philosophy at College of Alameda are: (1) to critically analyze ideas, texts, arguments, traditions, and contemporary culture, and (2) to synthesize knowledge for the purposes of inspiring personal and social change. By studying philosophy, you will gain wisdom, clarity, and awareness about a wide variety of philosophical issues that arise within different cultural and historical contexts.

Philosophy will prepare students to transfer to any discipline of their choice within the humanities and social sciences at a college or university. In addition, you will learn valuable life skills such as critical thinking, cultural competence, social activism, community-building, and conflict resolution. An AA degree in philosophy can be applied to a range of careers in law, education, business, medicine, nursing, law, psychology, sociology, anthropology, theology, social work, and grass-roots and nonprofit organizations.