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Published January 31st, 2016 in

At the One Stop, we frequently receive job orders from employers who would like to hire students or who think that students would benefit from the opportunity more than other people. The job orders will be posted when we receive them. Please come by the One Stop if you are interested in the job and attend one of our workshops listed on our calendar, which you can find at our Home page.

ComPeer_Sale Associate, Store Manager, Restaurant Manager, Cashiers, Barista, Bartender, Hostess, Server, Cook_12-23-16

GIIC_TA_6-17-16 Roomi_Intern_02-17-17

The Humane League_Grassroots Outreach Intern_12-31-16

Reviving Hearts & Renewing Dreams_Intership_12-31-16

PCF59220 – 50_50 Raffle Team Member

ComPeer Job Posting

Sprouts-Cooking-Club- Student-Camper Leader-Internship_

Need Child Care_Childcare_12-31-16