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The North Cities One-Stop Business and Career Center is a member of the San Francisco Bay Area’s One-Stop workforce development system. At our career center you can connect with qualified employees, find out about business opportunities, research state and federal regulations, explore the state’s economic development services, and much more. Our business services representatives provide customized, no-cost assistance to all businesses, including start-ups. Businesses are able to access a variety of services specifically designed to increase their competitiveness to grow their bottom line.


On-the-Job Training

Want to provide a new employee with paid training and get reimbursed for it? You can! Through the North Cities One-Stop Career Center’s On-the-Job Training Program.

Why OJT? OJT accounts assist an employer in any sector to hire and train new employees with a high potential for success. Trainees have most of the requisite skills for the position, but may need training in duties specific to the job or industry. Establishing OJT provides support to the employer while the employee gains knowledge or skills essential to perform on the job.

What is OJT? The term “on-the-job training” means training provided by an employer to a participant on a job where the following conditions are met:

• Training accounts are for up to $5,000 or 520 hours, whichever occurs first

• The Trainee must be enrolled in the Workforce Investment Act (WIA) Program prior to starting the OJT

• The Employer pays the Trainee the same starting hourly wage as other employees in that classification

• The Trainee is treated as any other employee

• The employer must contribute the California minimum wage of $9.00 an hour

• Wherever possible a minimum 5% salary increase is granted upon successful completion of OJT or exiting from the program

• The Trainee becomes a permanent full-time employee upon completion of the OJT

For more information on OJTs, read the pdf.


Tax Credits and Hiring Incentives

For more information, please call (510) 306-5599 or email Jonathan Overall. (The links below will take you to the IRS website.)

Work Opportunity Tax Credit

Available to employers who hire individuals from certain targeted groups by offering them a federal income tax credit. Please contact your Business Services for more information.

Disabled Access Credit

Helps small businesses cover the cost of making their businesses accessible to persons with disabilities. The maximum amount of the credit is $5,000.

Architectural and Transportation Tax Deduction

Businesses may take an annual deduction of up to $15,000 for expenses incurred to remove architectural and transportation barriers to persons with disabilities and the elderly.


Business-to-Business Resources

Business to business referrals

• Research on state and federal regulations, economic development services, and much more

• Workshops and seminars

• Post job announcements in the One-Stop Center FREE of charge!

• Participate in job fairs and individual employment recruitments

• Post jobs for short term/day labor and temporary employment

• Free use of facilities for interviewing and recruiting

• Pre-screening services for applicant job matching

• Call (510) 748-5215 for details


Submitting the Job Order

In order to get all of the correct information for job orders and assist employers in accessing more job seekers, we have changed the process for submitting job orders. Please use the Job Order Form to submit your job order. We will gladly post the jobs that are posted through the form.


For more information on One-Stop Career Centers in the East Bay Call 1-800-411-HIRE or visit www.eastbayworks.com.

For information on the Workforce Investment Act and the Alameda County Workforce Investment Board, please visit www.acwib.org.





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