Office of the President


On behalf of the faculty, staff and administration, I welcome you to the College of Alameda where excellence is our tradition. As you begin your educational journey, please know that we believe in you. At the College of Alameda our sole purpose is to help you realize your educational goals. Collectively, we are dedicated to providing you with the knowledge, skills and resources to ensure your success. You should know that our faculty is highly distinguished in their academic field, and are passionate about their teaching. Likewise our staff is superbly competent and committed to providing quality support services. Together with the college administration, we have created a supportive environment that will give you the training for the workforce, facilitate your transfer to a four-year university, or prepare you for your chosen profession.

For over 40 years we have served the Bay Area community. Our comprehensive academic programs are recognized by prospective employers and universities as preparing highly qualified students who can compete in an increasingly global and multicultural environment. In fact, one of the distinctive attributes of the College of Alameda is that our student body is representative of the changing cultural and ethnic mosaic. Many of our students are from all over the world. At the College of Alameda, everyone is appreciated, valued and respected.

As you take the first step toward fulfilling your educational aspirations, visit the Welcome Center. Here you will receive assistance from friendly staff to guide you through the registration and enrollment process. Meet with our Counselors who will help you choose the right courses to achieve your educational, career or vocational goals. Take time to learn about the valuable services available from programs such as EOPS, CARE, Cal Works or DSPS. At College of Alameda, you can enroll in courses online, participate in a Learning Community or enroll in traditional semester-long courses. Additionally, get connected with employment opportunities at our One Stop Center, and explore our Career and Technical Education programs. Everything you need to fulfill your dreams is already here at the College of Alameda.

You are now part of the College of Alameda family. Welcome home!

All the best,

Eric V. Gravenberg, Ph.D.

Interim President