NEW DREAM is a program for returning citizens who are on parole or probation. NEW DREAM help students with transition into college, breakdown stigma about former incarceration, continue to build community visibility among our reentry students and finally demonstrate that our reentry students have the ability to thrive and be productive citizens on our campus. You are not alone.

The program will be tailored to the individual needs of the students. We will make sure students have every access to all resources that are available from book vouchers to mental health support. All of our students have various options: Certificate/Associate Degree, Job Readiness Preparation, Cross Enrollment, and/or Transfer to four year college/university.

Come visit us at the Welcome Center Room A111. We are here for you.

Please visit to learn more about prison-to-education pipeline and watch students from other community colleges move on to 4 year universities! College of Alameda is committed to supporting your academic pursuit! We are here for you!