Men of Color Initiative

The Brotherhood – A Men of Color Initiaitve

At all levels, men of color have significant challenges that can impede their path to success.   Our own institutional data pointed to the paucity of men of color who start but falter in the completion of their educational journey due to a myriad of factors. In our focus groups, men of color are able to clearly articulate their aspirations. However, they often lack the information, exposure, preparation and support required to reach these goals.


To ensure the overall success of African American, Latino and Asian/Pacific Island students, the College of Alameda Men of Color project will provide participants with academic, emotional, cultural and career tools to equip them with the knowledge, skills and abilities to become successful leaders in a global society. Participants enroll in a learning community course that concentrates on development of leadership skills by familiarizing them with their cultural legacy of achievement, encouraging them to adopt habits and practices that create the life and career attainment they desire for themselves.