Information Literacy Tutorials

Searching the Library Databases
Article Database Tutorials (HTML)

Seattle Community Colleges Tutorial
Information and Research Instruction Suite for Two-Year Colleges (HTML)

Developing a Thesis Statement or Research Question
Picking Your Topic IS Research!  – North Carolina State University (Flash)
Identifying a Topic – University of Wyoming (HTML)
The Thesis Statement – Riverside Community College (PowerPoint)
Finding Research Topic Ideas — University of Alberta (Flash)

Primary & Secondary Research Documents
Information Cycle – University of Tennessee (Video)
Information Cycle – University of Illinois at Urbana – Champaign (HTML)
Elements of a Research Article — University of Texas at San Antonio (Flash)

Scholarly & Popular Periodicals
Scholarly Versus Popular Periodicals — Vanderbilt University (Flash)
Popular and Scholarly Sources – Western Oregon  (Flash)

Evaluating Information
Credible Sources Count – Acadia University (Flash)
Evaluating Websites – CSU, Fullerton  (Video)
What is a Library Database? — Enoch Pratt Free Library (HTML)
Fact and Opinion — Pearson Education (PowerPoint)

Citing Sources and Avoiding Plagiarism
Research and Documentation (Diana Hacker)
You Quote It, You Note It! – Westchester Community College  (Flash)
Warning! Plagiarism – Stephen F. Austin State University (Video)
Plagiarism: How to Avoid It – Bainbridge State College (Video)
Understanding Plagiarism – Eastern Michigan University (Flash)

MLA Style Guide – Indian River State College (HTML)
MLA Tutorial – Hunter College (Flash)
Introduction to MLA Style: Works Cited Tutorial and Quiz – Towson University  (Flash)

A Brief Introduction to APA Style – Azusa Pacific University (Flash)
Writing in Style: APA Style Manual 6th Edition Training – University of Tennessee (Flash)
APA Style Guide – Indian River State College (HTML)

Call Numbers
How to Read a Call Number – University of Arkansas (Video)

Class Specific Tutorials
Library Tutorials for Nathan Strong’s Anthropology Students