American Institutions Learning Community

This is an academic immersion program for students who require a basic reading and writing course (English 269) and who wish to transfer to study American Institutions at a university. This four-semester, small learning community has students enrolled in transfer-level Political Science and History courses while simultaneously completing the basic, developmental, and transfer English course sequence . In this community, students are academic scholars with untapped learning capacity from the first day of classes.


Reading and writing skills are the focus of the English course, and are based on the reading and writing assignments from courses in the major, augmented by material selected by the English instructor. Additionally, the the English instructor joins the students in their other classes to help them become comfortable in a university-level environment while interacting with their professors and peers. Additionally, in the first two semesters, students will complete Library and Counseling courses to more fully develop and hone their skills.


Most significantly, the accelerated, contextualized curriculum allows students who are mature enough for the work to complete the basic/developmental English sequence in less time (two, rather than four, semesters) and move on to accelerated transfer-level English work (an accelerated English 1A/1B). At the same time, students successfully completing all four semesters will have completed 27 units of transfer and degree applicable units in History, Political Science, and General Education.