Learning Communities

Student Success Learning Communities
Contact Ellen Davis for information about our Learning Communities:
Email: edavis@peralta.edu

Telephone: (510) 289-6443

College of Alameda has three strong Learning Communities with a demonstrated record of student success.

  • APASS (Asian/Pacific American Student Success) is designed to support Asian/Pacific Americans in pursuit of academic success by promoting individual growth and personal success through a culturally sensitive environment, recognizing the cultural diversity within the Asian and Pacific Islander communities, and fostering unity within the multicultural college community and beyond.
  • The Amandla (Zulu for Power) program is a member of the Statewide Umoja (Unity) Community, and is dedicated to enhancing the cultural and educational experiences of African American and other student populations though a curriculum and pedagogy responsive to the legacy of the African and African American diasporas.
  • The Adelante (Spanish for “onward” or “forward”) program serves to enhance the intellectual, philosophical, ethical, and community experience of students through the reflective study of Latino culture.

Associated with these communities are culturally-based English classes:

  • Adelante (Latino culture)
  • Amandla (African-American culture)
  • APASS (Asian/Pacific-American culture)
  • Hear My Story (autobiography focused)

Learning communities are paired with English and Counseling Courses to support students with the necessary knowledge and self-confidence to succeed. Search for them on Passport.

  • English 269 A with Counseling 24*
  • English 269 B with Counseling 30**
  • English 201 A with LRNRE 86
  • English 201 B
* CSU/UC Transferrable         ** CSU Transferrable

Q What are Student Success Learning Communities?

  • Students in COA’s Student Success Learning Communities take English courses along with Counseling support courses.
  • Classes are connected so that a group of students take both classes together.
  • Each Student Support Learning Community has its own theme which creates a shared interest among all those who join.
  • Students in the Student Support Learning Communities get to know each other well and support each other in their drive to succeed.
  • Faculty, staff, peers and assigned mentors are all part of the team to assist students in achieving their academic goals.


Q – What are the different types of Student Success Learning Communities?


There are three Student Success Learning Communities. Amandla, Adelente, and APASS have cultural themes.

  • Amandla [Zulu for “power”] – African-American readings and learning strategies.
  • Adelante [Spanish to motivate “onward” movement] – Latino readings and learning strategies.
  • APASS [Asian/Pacific American Student Success]Asian-American readings and learning strategies.


Q What are the benefits of joining a Student Success Learning Community?


SUCCESS!!! Research has shown that students who participate in learning communities succeed in a higher rate than students taking stand-alone classes.

Students will receive the following:

  • Registration and enrollment assistance.
  • Academic, financial and personal counseling.
  • Tutoring and academic support.
  • Career exploration workshops.
  • Field trips and/or cultural and civic enrichment activities.


Q  Who is eligible to participate in the Student Success Learning Communities?

  • Students assessed for basic writing may take English 269 A/B– Basic Reading and Writing (6 units) with the paired Counseling course (3 units)
  • Students assessed at the English 201A/B level (4 units) take the English course with the paired Learning Resource class (3 units).
  • All students regardless of race, gender, age, sexual orientation, country of origin, and/or disabilities may participate in any of our Student Success Learning Communities.


Q  How do I enroll in a Student Success Learning Community?

  • To join one of the Learning Communities, students must first take the English assessment.  Call 510-748-5267 for an assessment appointment.
  • Decide which Learning Community you want to join. All Learning Communities welcome everyone!

NOTE: For all Learning Communities, English courses MUST be taken with the assigned Counseling courses

1. Logon to PASSPORT Student Center and click on “ADD A CLASS”

2. TYPE in registration code for English class ( i.e. 40314for Adelante)

3. Click on the “ENTER” button then click on “NEXT”

4. TYPE in registration code for the linked Counseling class (i.e. 40311for Adelante)

5. Click on the “ENTER” button then click on “NEXT”

6. Click on “PROCEED TO STEP 2 OF 3,” and then click on “FINISH ENROLLING”