Committee Charge The mission of the Planning, Research, and Institutional Effectiveness Committee is to ensure that the college maintains a set of ongoing and systematic institutional processes and practices that include planning, the evaluation of programs and services, the identification and measurement of outcomes across all institutional units (including learning outcomes in instructional programs), and the use of data and assessment results to inform decision-making. All of these activities are accomplished with the purpose of improving programs and services and increasing student success and institutional quality.
Type of Committee
Participatory Group
3rd Thursday, 2:00pm, L237
Name Area Represented
Don Miller Vice President of Instruction, Co-Chair
Myron Jordan Dean of Academic Pathways and Liberal Arts
MaryBeth Benvenutti Director of Business Services
Dr. Karen Engel Interim Dean of Research, Planning & Institutional Effectiveness, Co-Chair
Dr. Amy Lee Dean of Enrollment Services
Drew Burgess Curriculum Committee Chair
SLO Coordinator(s)
Eileen Clifford
Matthew Goldstein
Evan Schloss
Faculty Member Rep. (3)
Rochelle Olive, Academic Senate President
Arthur Morgan
Peter Papas
Mary Shaughnessy
Classified Member (3)
Brenda J. Lewis
LaShawn Brumfield
Shuntel Owens-Rogers
ASCOA rep. Clemaus Ozell Tervalon