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Do NOT mix energy drinks with alcohol. The feeling of drunkenness is subdued by energy drinks which is dangerous because it inhibits one’s ability to judge one’s limit and increases one’s risk of alcohol poisoning.

Don’t resort to drinking for problematic reasons. While going to a bar with some friends for the Superbowl isn’t necessarily a problem, the same can’t be said if you’re turning to the bottle of Whiskey after breaking up with your significant other.

If you drink, don’t even think about driving. Walk home, call a taxi cab, or ask someone for a ride. A DUI usually costs around $10,000—and that’s if you are lucky enough to have been caught before killing someone on the road.

Be aware that any amount of alcohol can risk affecting your coordination and state of mind. The extent to which it does this will depend on what you drink, your age, your body mass, and how fast you are drinking. Responsible drinking entails knowing your own limits, drinking in moderation, and being mature about it.

If you observe someone that is passed out, will NOT come to consciousness and has not vomited after extreme amounts of alcohol, take the person to the hospital. This person may be subject to alcohol poisoning. Unconsciousness -period- is a life-threatening condition.

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