Health Services

Location: F-105

Phone: (510) 748-2320

Staff and Administrator:

  • Patricia Dudley,  Health Services Coordinator
  • Toni Cook, Dean of Special Projects


Nursing Services: Monday through Thursday 9:30-2:30.  Also see District-Wide Health Services below.

Mental Health Services: Open, see hours and website below.


Other Health Services:

For a compete list of services for all Peralta students, including COA, please visit our District-Wide Health Services website.

COA Mental Health Counseling: Tuesdays and Thursdays from 10-6: Dr. Daniel Blum can be contacted by email or call (510) 599-8176 for an appointment.

COA Mental Health Grant: see our Facebook page for more information:


Other Health Services:

For information regarding the health fee, please go to the Student Health Services website.

For information on the Employee Assistance Program:  1-800-999-7222

Alcohol: You Choose: Alcohol Education for Students

Services Provided at COA: Includes a complete explanation of health services offered on campus.

Emergencies: Quick Reference Guide for what to do in emergencies. Includes some first aid procedures.

Resources and Referral Information: Information regarding community health-related resources and referral agencies.

Additional Resources: