COA Gay-Straight Alliance

The purpose of a Gay-Straight Alliance is

  • to provide a safe community place for LGBTQ, Straight, and Questioning students and staff of all races, ethnicities, sexual orientations/gender identities and creeds
  • to meet, support each other, talk about issues related to sexual orientation
  • to foster diversity and work to end homophobia and prejudice against LGBT people.
  • for all COA LGBTQ students & allies!allgendersmatter

COA-GSA hopes:

  • to become a community-creating support system to help assist COA students, faculty, and staff in acquiring essential life skills as an open and “out” LGBT person,
  • and to have access to information about local resources for LGBT people.

The COA-GSA intends to emphasize, support, and nurture unique qualities, gifts, and issues expressed by the multi-cultural, multi-ethnic, muti-racial diversity of the LGBT community.

For more information contact: Dr. Luis Escobar, Director of Student Activities and Campus Life