CoA FabLab FAQ

CoA FabLab

Main Campus, Room D-109


CoA FabLab Open Hours: Tuesday-Friday 11am-4pm


Vinyl Cutter/Heat Press Workshop: Tuesday, Thursday 1-1:45pm

3D Printing Workshop: Tuesday, Thursday 2-3pm



As the semester moves along, we wanted to give you an update on the College of Alameda (CoA) FabLab. We’re excited to get up and running, sharing our love of making with you all! We’ve received a number of questions about the space; below, you’ll find answers to the most-asked questions.


What is a FabLab?


A FabLab is a space where you can come to take advantage of tools, resources, and technology, using traditional and advanced manufacturing equipment to make almost anything.

FabLabs offer the opportunity to dream, design, and refine ideas. One can come in and experiment for fun, or work towards developing a fully fledged product. At the CoA FabLab, our goal is to offer a communal space for people to make, to share, and to benefit from their work.


Where is the CoA FabLab?


The CoA FabLab will be located on the main campus, in Room D-102. Our 1900 sq. ft. space, an unused physics lab, will now be home to a host of digital fabrication equipment. 

As the main CoA FabLab is still under construction, we’ve opened a temporary FabLab next door, in Room D-109


What tools are available?


The following machines are available now at the temporary FabLab in Room D-109:



Once the main CoA FabLab opens, users will have access to a laser cutter, 3D printers, CNC routers, vinyl cutters, and electronics workstations. We’re big believers in the fusion of tech and tradition, so we’ll also have a woodworking area and a wide variety of hand tools.  

Don’t worry if you have no experience with any of these options–we’re here to help! The CoA FabLab will be staffed with Technicians who’ll be holding workshops and helping you get acquainted with what’s available.


How much does it cost?


All College of Alameda students will have free, full access to the CoA FabLab as part of their enrollment. This means:

  • No membership fees
  • No machine time fees
  • No material fees

We want to see your ideas, not your wallet (unless you want to make a wallet!).


This sounds great! When can I stop by?


Our temporary FabLab, in Room D-109, is open now! We’re open Tuesday-Friday, 11am-4pm. 

We’re on track to open the main FabLab space later on this semester. If you’ve wanted to learn a little more about 3D printing, making your own decals, or creating your own branded apparel, now’s your chance!