English as a Second Language

sulrey presenting student with letter

The ESL Department at College of Alameda is dedicated to intensive, excellent, and caring instruction to English language learners in our diverse community.  We offer courses at convenient times (mornings, afternoons, evenings, and Saturdays).  Courses are offered in interactive classrooms, and in hybrid and distance modes.  We offer multi-measured assessment, a multilingual orientation, and intensive instructor of support of students.

The College of Alameda ESL Program serves non-native speakers of English who need to learn sufficient English to communicate effectively and overcome their difficulties in reading, writing, speaking, and understanding English. Instruction in English is offered to facilitate ESL students’ access to degree/transfer programs, academic programs, vocational programs and/or to prepare them for immediate employment. It is the goal of the program that students, upon completion, be able to participate meaningfully in American life.

The ESL Program has dedicated and experienced instructors who enjoy working with people from around the world. All instructors have a Master’s in Teaching English as a Second Language, while several have doctorates. Instructors have many years of teaching experience, and some have experience teaching abroad. All bring multilingual and multicultural perspectives to their classes. The ESL professors use a wide range of instructional methods in order to facilitate the learning of English.

The Basic Skills/ESL Learning Lab also offers personalized programs of computer-assisted learning and one-on-one tutoring to further enhance the students’ learning environment.

The English Department’s mission is to serve the educational and career objectives of our community: we offer a range of classes addressing skills at the basic, developmental and transfer levels and are committed to presenting engaging material that addresses the varied interests and needs of our students.



Program Learning Outcomes (PLOs)

  • Develop an understanding of American culture, society and history.
  • Demonstrate progressive proficiency of the English language in different situations.
  • Demonstrate progressive competence in listening, speaking, reading and writing ability in English in all areas of life.



    Program Learning Outcomes (PLOs) may be assessed using:

  • Surveys
  • Questionnaires
  • Review of collected data
  • Other methods