Eileen Clifford

Name: Eileen Clifford

tree on campus with orange leaves

Position: Chemistry Adjunct Faculty
School/Location: Alameda
E-mail: eclifford@peralta.edu or
Office/Classroom:  Room 122 at 860 Atlantic


I will be teaching Chem30A for spring semester 2016.


Choosing Your Chemistry Class at COA

Chem 1A is a first semester course in college chemistry. Topics include atomic theory, the mole concept, stoichiometry, introductory quantum theory, electronic structure, chemical bonding, molecular structure, thermochemistry, solution chemistry, intermolecular forces, equilibrium, and acid-base chemistry.

Chemistry class will take a time commitment of approximately 15 hours outside class time for homework.

Please make sure that you are taking the correct chemistry class since many programs like nursing will accept Chem30A, while other programs want Chem1A. Freshman chemistry classes across the nation have high failure rates due to unprepared students. Math skills are needed, and a recent chemistry class is recommended.

Chem1A requires the ability to use algebra and assumes that you have taken a previous chemistry class. If you have not taken chemistry classes recently or you did not attend a chemistry course in high school it is highly recommended to take Chem 50 or Chem30a before enrolling in Chem1A.  Chem 1A is the first required chemistry course for any science major (i.e. biology, chemistry engineering, etc.) and is a prerequisite for subsequent courses Chem 1B, Chem 12A, and Chem 12B.

Chem 50 covers the same topics as Chem 1A but at a slower pace and using less in depth material. This course does not require previous chemistry knowledge and will allow you to be fully prepared for and highly successful when you will take Chem 1A.  It is recommended for students who do not need chemistry for a program or major.  College of Alameda offers this class as a late start class, so that students who find they need a stronger background for Chem1A can pick up the class as well.

Chem30A covers what Chem1A covers, with several additional topics.  It is intended to cover general chemistry, and can be followed by Chem30B, which covers organic and biochemistry.  Chem30A is recommended for nursing programs, and several other programs require it as well.  It can also be used as a refresher for Chem1A.