Adapted Computer Learning Center

The Adapted Computer Learning Center offers:

Purpose of the Center

  • To provide access to adaptive computer systems for persons with disabilities.
  • To work with students who have acquired brain injury or learning disabilities to improve their cognitive skills.
  • To assist students in the transition to college level academic and vocational classes.

Technology Available in the Adapted Computer Learning Center


  • Dragon Naturally Speaking (user speaks in phrases as results are displayed on the screen)
  • Duxbury (Braille translation software)
  • Inspiration (software for brainstorming and displaying concepts in a mind map format)
  • JAWS (screen reading software)
  • Kurzweil 3000 (scan and read software to assist persons with reading difficulties)
  • Math Type (mathematical equation editor)
  • Scientific Notebook (equation editor used to translate Math and Science equations to Braille)
  • ZoomText (screen enlargement program)
  • As well as a variety of cognitive skills software used in the Improving Cognitive Skills class.

Alternative Keyboards/Input Devices

  • Trackball
  • Large Print Keyboards

Devices for Students with Visual Disabilities

  • Braille Embosser
  • Tactile Graphics Toaster
  • Color CCTV
  • ALVA Refreshable Braille Display
  • Black & White CCTV


  • Adjustable Chairs and Tables
  • Big Keys Plus
  • Headphones
  • Microphones
  • High Speed Scanner
  • Franklin Speller
  • Network Laser Printers

Full Internet Access

Microsoft Office 2010

Windows XP


The Center is open Monday through Thursday 9:00-4:00 and Friday from 9:00-1:00.

For more information, please contact:

Phyllis Tappe, Cognitive Skills Specialist/Assistive Technology Instructor, 510-748-2313

Our Mission

The Mission of College of Alameda is to serve the educational needs of its diverse

community by providing comprehensive and flexible programs and resources that

empower students to achieve their goals.