Academic Counseling and Support Services

DSPS provides support services for students with disabilities enrolled at the college. Because accommodations are determined for each individual student, based on how the disability affects learning, your counselor will discuss with you which of the following services would be appropriate.

Services may include:

  • Academic, personal, transfer, and vocational counseling
  • College program planning
  • Diagnostic testing
  • Priority registration and enrollment assistance
  • Information about eligibility for fee waivers
  • Support services personnel such as notetakers, real-time captioners, sign language interpreters, and scribes
  • Testing accommodations
  • Liaison with four-year colleges and community agencies
  • Liaison with the Department of Rehabilitation and the Regional Center
  • Instructional materials in alternate media, such as braille, large print, electronic text (e-text) and tactile graphics
  • Access to adapted computer equipment and other assistive technology

To learn more about the program or to make an appointment with a DSPS Counselor, please call  510-748-2328.


Student Learning Service Area Outcomes

Goal Setting:  Through an interactive process with their DSPS counselor students will identify and develop a Student Educational Plan, focused on individual academic. vocational, and/or personal growth goals.

Educational Accommodations: Students will work with DSPS staff and faculty to identify the appropriate academic accommodations necessary to address their individual disability needs.

Self-Advocacy:  Students will learn to effectively utilize their disability-related educational accommodations and services; articulating their disability needs to staff and faculty.