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Diesel & Truck Mechanics Programs at College of Alameda

The COA Diesel and Truck Mechanics Programs provide students of all experience levels with comprehensive knowledge and skills covering Diesel Engines and Truck Mechanics and Chassis Systems. Through lecture and hands-on lab courses, you will learn the skills required to troubleshoot and repair mechanical, electrical and electronic systems in diesel engines and trucks. You will learn to use computers to diagnose equipment and research information. You will be trained to operate shop machinery and equipment as well as select and use precision tools involved in the repair and maintenance of mechanical and electronic systems.


Course Overview

During attendance in Diesel Mechanic classes & Truck Mechanic classes, the student will receive a list of required basic tools. The student will be required to bring to class a personal tool set that includes tools that relate to the particular course in which he/she has enrolled. This requirement is to assure that students graduating from the program possess a basic tool set and the adequate skills to use the required tools in the trade.

Instruction includes not only the use of hand and power tools but also elementary and advanced principles of diesel engines theory and operation; heavy-duty truck chassis and electrical systems; heavy-duty truck drivetrain systems; computer controlled engine and chassis controls; maintenance and repair of heavy-duty highway and marine type diesel engines and auxiliary equipment; and the use of testing equipment.

Fee-Based Seminar Classes

Seminars and update classes are also provided on a fee and no fee basis. These seminars and updates are done in conjunction with industry partners and OEM providers such as:


Periodic Smoke Inspection Classes

In conjunction with the California Air Resources Board, the Diesel and Truck Mechanics Program at the College of Alameda offers a one-day training (CCDET) course to help our industry comply with HD Diesel smoke inspections required under the Annual Smoke Inspection Program, Health and Safety regulation 43701. �The course emphasis will help our industry obtain the requirements of Title 13 CCR, Chapter 3.6, Section 2190-2194. Students will perform the opacity test with the SAE 1667 equipment. This one day course is offered four times per year on a quarterly basis. Currently scheduled classes are as follows:

Please register early. These classes fill up fast. Contact Mr. Yazid Kahil for more information and registration.

Improving Air Quality Around the World

The Diesel and Truck Mechanics Instructors at College of Alameda consult and partner in cleaning up the air with the

Degrees & Certificates

A Certificate of Completion in Diesel Mechanics will be awarded upon satisfactory completion of the major course requirements.

The AS Degree will be awarded upon completion of the major course requirements and the General Education requirements for the Associate in Science Degree.

For details about courses, degrees and certificates in Diesel Mechanics,  look in the College Catalog under Diesel Mechanics.

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Gainful Employment Information

The U.S. Department of Education requires colleges to disclose a variety of information for any financial aid eligible program that “prepares students for gainful employment in a recognized occupation”. The information provided in the link(s) below describes the graduation rates, the median debt of students who completed the program, and other important information regarding gainful employment for the latest completed academic year (as of July 1). Full-time status is defined as a student that enrolls in 12 units for both the fall and the spring semesters of a given academic year.