group photo of dental studentsRecommendations for Successful Completion of the Dental Assisting Program
To successfully complete the Dental Assisting Certificate Program, it is highly recommended that the following be achieved prior to enrollment in Fall term courses:

Completion of BUS 230D-F: Keyboarding and CIS 205: Computer Literacy.

Requirements for Certificate of Achievement in the Dental Assisting Program
To receive a Certificate of Completion in Dental Assisting, it is required that the student completes the following:
Physical and dental examinations and negative TB and hepatitis test results submitted prior to enrollment in DENTL 223.
Completion of all Dental Assisting courses with a grade of 2.0 (“C”) or better.

Prerequisite Courses:  HLTED 9 – First Aid and Safety and HLTED11 – Cardiopulmonary Resucitation.

Required Courses for Certificate of Achievement:
Fall Semester Units
DENTL 220A Infection Control & Oral Health 2
DENTL 220B Infection Control & Coronal Polish 1
DENTL 221 Professional Standards 0.5
DENTL 222 Oral Anatomy, Morphology & Body Systems 3.5
DENTL 223 Chairside Procedures 3
DENTL 224A Dental Radiology I 3
DENTL 225 Dental Materials & Laboratory Procedures 3
Total for Fall Semester 16
Spring Semester Units
DENTL 224B Dental Radiology II 3
DENTL 226 Advanced Chairside Procedures 3
DENTL 227 Biodental Sciences 2
DENTL 228A Clinical Rotations & Review 2
DENTL 228B Clinical Rotations & Internship 5
DENTL 229 Practice Management 1.5
Total for Spring Semester 16.5
Plus: Nine (9) units taken at any time
from the following:
ENGL 201B Preparation for Composition & Reading* 3
PSYCH 1A Intro to General Psychology 3
COMM 1A Introduction to Speech 3
COMM 20 Interpersonal Communication 3
COMM 45 Public Speaking 3
Total any time units  9
Total Required Units (includes current First Aid and CPR) 44

*Or higher level English class

CPR and First Aid class may be taken at any of the four Peralta Community Colleges (HLTED 9 and HLTED 11) or the local Red Cross or American Heart Association. A copy of a CPR certification must be current and on file in the Dental Assisting Department.  Students who plan to apply for the CDA and RDA examinations must complete the course work outline for Certificate of Completion in Dental Assisting. CPR certification must be current when applying to both CDA and RDA examinations.

An AS/AA degree is also available for additional course requirements.  A counseling session with a College of Alameda counselor is strongly advised.  Dental Assisting Program requirements will be strictly adhered to regardless of possible conflict with College catalog or published schedule of courses.

* Sequencing of all courses must be followed by all DA students.