Curriculum Committee

Curriculum Committee meets every 1st and 3rd Tuesday of the month in L-237 – from 1:00 to 3:00pm. Contact Vinh Phan

Technical Review Committee meets 2nd and 4th Tuesdays – available in office at 1:30 or by appointment. Contact Trish Nelson

Program and Course Approval Handbook 6th edition (PCAH)

To Build Course Outlines or Build Programs:  CurriCUNET link 

Council on Planning , Instruction and Development—this is the district body that meets monthly during the semester at the the district office.          CIPD 2017-18 Schedule

Peralta District Curriculum Resources

Articulation information may be found on the Articulation Office webpage. The Articulation Officer for the College of Alameda is Vinh Phan

The Curriculum Committee is a sub-committee of the Academic Senate, responsible for making recommendations to the Academic Senate on matters relating to the integrity of the curriculum.  This integrity is evaluated relative to the Vision, Values, Mission, and Goals of the Institution and the outcomes of learning we seek to achieve.  Further, CC engages in oversight for the alignment of the curriculum with the COA and Peralta Educational Master Plans (reference: PCCD Board Policy 2.23 and Title 5 on Academic and Professional Matters).

It is the Task of the Curriculum Committee:

To advocate for the integrity of all curriculum matters at College of Alameda.

To review and make recommendations on all curricular matters, including but not limited to: approval of new programs and courses, course revisions or deactivations, prerequisites and corequisites, and placement of courses within disciplines; and process and outcomes evaluation protocols which effect curriculum.

To review and recommend changes in general education requirements and graduation requirements.

To make recommendations regarding policies and procedures affecting curriculum.

To engage in self-directed study, to meet its regulatory obligations under Title 5 of the California Code of Regulations, and to maintain authority delegated by the State Chancellor’s Office.

The Charge of COA CC is framed in context of California Education Code: TITLE 5 which discusses what is to be the meaning of a community college degree.  It is a…

…coherent and integrated patterns of learning experiences (to) prepare students (as) educated persons with a broad range of knowledge to evaluate and appreciate the physical environment, the culture, and the society in which they live; to be able to examine the values inherent in proposed solutions to major social problems; and to be able to participate effectively in their resolution. In short, the language of title 5 not only emphasizes the role of the Associate Degree as focused study in a specific field, but it also aims to direct community colleges to prepare citizens with a broad educational foundation, to develop a populace that can participate effectively in all domains of society: civically, economically, and politically.

COA Curriculum Committee By-Laws 

College of Alameda Curriculum Committee By-laws (180820)