The counselors at the College of Alameda welcome you to e-counseling!

  • e-counseling services are available to College of Alameda students
  • The e-counselor retains the right to determine whether your concerns, issues and/or questions can be adequately addressed online; the e-counselor may refer you as needed.
  • Deciding to take an online class is an important decision to explore; it is vital to assess your online readiness. The State of California has created useful tutorials to help enhance your online experience. Interactive Tutorials & Tips
  • You must review the Counseling FAQs  and the Confidentiality Agreement first before submitting a question via e-Counseling. Once you’ve reviewed the FAQs and Confidentiality Agreement, you can submit your question by clicking here.
  • Transcript evaluation and personal counseling are currently not available via e-counseling. Please call the Counseling Department for assistance with these issues (510) 748-2209.
  • Please call (510) 748-2391 for questions regarding Financial Aid.
  • CoA offers free online tutoring for all currently enrolled CoA students in all subjects 24/7.  Please follow the following instructions to access this service:
    1. Go to alameda.upswing.io
    2. Follow the instructions on the page to sign up
    3. Search for a class or subject and get tutored!
  • The College of Alameda offers a gamut of library services for our online students.  Please click on the following link to access the online library service. College of Alameda library online servicesbooks
  • If you are undecided about your major, as an online student, you have an array of online services available to assist you in clarifying your major/career goals.  By exploring your values, interests, personality, and skills (VIPS), you can begin to crystallize your major.  With the support of your online counselor, you can begin to move closer to creating your road map to your major/career. The following are some resources to assist you in the process:
  1. Explore your values
  2. Assess your interests
  3. Investigate your personality traits
  4. Review the careers which match your personality

  5. Examine your skills
  • The 2-1-1 website offers online assistance in helping people across the United States find local resources, information, and referrals (e.g. housing, food…) they need 24/7. http://www.211.org/stairs