Welcome to the College of Alameda Counseling Department

Counseling Department & Welcome Center Hours for

Fall 2016:

Monday 8:00am- 6:30pm

Tuesday- Friday: 8:00am – 4:30pm

NOTE: Counseling may stop accepting students 1 hour before the Welcome Center closes . Please call (510) 748-2209 for details.

A Building, Administration

555 Ralph Appezzato Memorial Pkwy, Alameda, CA 94501

Phone: (510) 748-2209      Fax: (510) 748-5208


The Counseling Department offers a wide range of professional counseling services for enrolled and prospective students.  These services include:

  • Educational planning for degrees, occupational certificates, and transfer to four year colleges/universities
  • Evaluation of transcripts for graduation and transfer
  • Help in providing study skills
  • Help with academic challenges
  • Personal counseling and referral to off-campus services
  • Classes and workshops including: Coun 201: Orientation to College, Coun 221: Preparing for Transfer, Coun 24: Academic Success, and Coun 57: Career/Life Planning
  • e-Counseling services for College of Alameda students.
  • Clear Pre-requisite and Matriculation Holds (see below under counseling forms)






Exemption from Student Success and Support Services Form (Matriculation)




Fax to: (510) 748-5208

Note: All new matriculating students must complete the mandatory online orientation prior to submitting  Exemption from Student Success and Support Services form. Failure to do so may delay processing your paperwork.

Also: If you are planning on enrolling in any course that has prerequisites, please also fill out and submit a Prerequisite Clearance Request Form in addition to your Matriculation Exemption form with supporting documentation.


Prerequisite Clearance Request Form

Before registering for your classes, please check to see if your class has a prerequisite. Any prerequisites must be cleared before enrolling into classes.

Note: If you have a matriculation hold on your account, please fill out the “Exemption from Student Success and Support Services” form.

Fax to: (510) 748-5208



The primary goal of counseling is to provide the necessary academic support services for students to succeed at the College of Alameda.  The counselors are an integral part of the education process, recognizing the need of each student with whom they come into contact.

Counselors provide current and valid information, using many resources, so that the student is prepared to investigate alternatives, establish priorities, and develop an Educational Plan.

On behalf of the Counselors and Counseling Staff, we wish you all the best in your academic and professional endeavors and look forward to meeting you soon!