Welcome to the Counseling Department

Welcome Center, A-building, 1st Floor

Office:   510-748-2209                         Fax: 510-748-5208           

Spring 2019 Hours of Operation


            Monday                                                                Tuesday – Friday 


     8:00 AM – 7:00 PM                                                  8:00 AM – 4:30 PM



Steps for New/Returning Students
  1. Apply Online for Admission
  2. Complete Mandatory Online Orientation 
  3. Complete Assessment for English/ESOL & Math
  4. Plan Your Classes With A Counselor
  •  Call 510-748-2209 or Visit the Welcome Center, A-building, 1st Floor
Counseling Services
  • Clear Pre-Requisites 
  • Matriculation Holds
  • ESL Holds
  • Educational Planning (SEP) for Degrees & Certificates
  • Evaluation of California Transcripts for Graduation and Transfer
  • Counseling Classes and Workshops
  • E-Counseling Services for College of Alameda Students
  • Personal Counseling and Referral to On-Campus/ Off-Campus Services



Release of Enrollment Hold Forms

Pre-Requisite Clearance Request Form