How do I apply for a scholarship?

Published November 2nd, 2015 in College News
Scholarship Button

However, it will be in your best interest after applying for scholarships to then visit the Additional Resources page and scroll down to find other scholarships available to Peralta students.

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Spring 2016 Priority Registration Has Begun!

Published November 1st, 2015 in College News


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College of Alameda Winter Intersession Open Class List

Published October 31st, 2015 in College News

Take a college credit course during the College of Alameda Winter Online Intersession!

Complete 3 units in 4 weeks!

4 Week Online Session – Dec. 21, 2015 to Jan. 15, 2016

COA F15 Winter Intersession - Revise 11.16.2015


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Welcome Drew Douglass – Director of Workforce Systems

Published October 24th, 2015 in College News

His experience includes serving as Deputy Director of Workforce Services for Rubicon Programs, Program Director – Enterprise Development Director for Marin City Community Development Corporation, and Career Center Coordinator for the San Pablo One Stop-East Bay Works. He is currently pursuing an MPA from Villanova which he expects to complete in 2016.

Drew’s familiarity with our regional workforce investment system and labor market information enables him to be a strategic leader who is already seasoned. Drew’s experience partnering with regional community colleges to develop sector based employment programs prepares him to be an effective educational manager and promote service integration strategies across education, regional workforce investment agencies and employers.

  1. Doug’s new email address is (for Andrew Douglass) but he prefers “Drew.”
  2. Drew’s new office will be located in the North Cities One Stop Center on campus, in Portable ‘P’, Office Number P 102-A.
  3. The One Stop phone number is 510-748-2208 (You may expect Kathleen to answer.)
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SFSU Campus Tour & Transfer Day Event

Published October 22nd, 2015 in College News

Advance registration for Bus Trip and Transfer Day Event is required. Sign-up at: or call 510-748-2113.





Please see flyer for additional details.

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College of Alameda and Alameda Unified School District ASTI Program Wins National Award

Published October 17th, 2015 in College News

The award, which is given out by the U.S. Department of Education, honors academically excellent elementary, middle and high schools. ASTI was designated as an “Exemplary High Performing School,” which means it is in the top 15 percent of schools statewide, as measured by various assessments, such as overall academic excellence and progress in closing achievement gaps among student subgroups. Only 29 schools (8 of which are high schools) in California received that designation. Across the country, only 285 schools received the award.

“The College of Alameda is pleased with this much deserved, national recognition of ASTI,” said Joi Lin Blake, President of College of Alameda.

“Research has shown that early college high school partnerships increase student access, affordability, achievement and completion. And ASTI is an example of the Peralta Community College District’s commitment to continued collaborative partnerships with our K-12 colleagues that promote and support student success,” Blake said.

Pesident Blake also noted that ASTI 2015 graduating class had received $400,000 in scholarships.

ASTI’s primary objective is to increase college readiness and retention among first-generation college-bound students and students from groups that are typically underrepresented on college campuses. The program allows students to enroll full-time at College of Alameda in 11th and 12th grade. As a result, about 40% of the students graduate with an AA degree, and 88% of the graduates meet the course requirements for attending a UC. The school was founded in 2002 and is supported by Measure A parcel tax money.

Five of the eight public high schools chosen from California were Early or Middle College High Schools.

The 2015 National Blue Ribbon Schools will be honored at an awards ceremony in Washington, DC next month on Nov. 9-10. Each school will receive an award plaque and a flag as symbols of their accomplishments. In its 33-year history, more than 8,000 of America’s schools have received the coveted National Blue Ribbon Schools award

Read more about the ASTI program here:

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College of Alameda Auto Club Show

Published October 13th, 2015 in College News


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Great California ShakeOut 2015

Published September 21st, 2015 in College News



The primary purpose of ShakeOut is to encourage people and organizations to be prepared to survive and to recover quickly when the next big earthquake happens.

On October 15, 2015, millions of people worldwide will practice Drop, Cover, and Hold On (and other aspects of their emergency plans)

  • DROP to the ground (before the earthquake drops you!),
  • COVER your head and neck with your arms and seek additional shelter by getting under a sturdy desk or table if nearby; and
  • HOLD ON to your shelter and be prepared to move with it until the shaking stops.

If there is no table or desk near you, drop to the ground and then if possible move to an inside corner of the room. Be in a crawling position to protect your vital organs and be ready to move if necessary, and cover your head and neck with your hands and arms. Do not move to another location or run outside. Earthquakes occur without any warning and may be so violent that you cannot run or crawl. These are guidelines for most situations; go to learn what to do in specific settings.

We request all COA students, staff, and faculty participate in this year’s Shakeout drill wherever they may be at drill time. Most drills will be held at 10:15 a.m. on October 15.AShakeOut instructional guide and 4-slide PowerPoint presentation for use by instructors in their classes and laboratories are available at The presentation links to a 60-second “Drill Broadcast” narration with earthquake sound effects that can be played during your drill.

Follow ShakeOut on Social Media

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Faculty and Instructors: Download resources for promoting and implementing your drill:

  • ShakeOut College Instructor Guide
  • ShakeOut College Instructor Presentation
  • California schools: Download customized versions of these resources.
  • Seven Steps to Earthquake Safety for College Students

    Recommended Earthquake Safety Actions (including situations when you cannot get beneath a table) (PDF | RTF)

    Earthquake Preparedness Guide for People with Disabilities and Other Access or Functional Needs (8 pages) (PDF | RTF)

    Key Earthquake Safety Tips for People with Disabilities and Other Access or Functional Needs (2 pages) (PDF | RTF)

    Earthquake and Tsunami DAFN Preparedness Video (Sign Language and Open Captioned)



    English (closed captioned)


    Spanish (closed captioned)

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    Dr. William Watson Appointed Interim VP of Student Services

    Published May 31st, 2015 in College News
    Dr. William Watson

    He served as a member of the Skyline College Student Services Leadership Team to direct SparkPoint at Skyline College, part of the United Way of the Bay Area’s SparkPoint Initiative to cut Bay Area poverty in half by 2020. SparkPoint, based on the Annie E. Casey Foundation’s Center for Working Families, features personal trainers for financial fitness called financial coaches. Dr. Watson’s work for equity to achieve greater institutional effectiveness shows promise for moving the needle on entrenched disparities in educational attainment. Most recently showcased in a policy forum hosted by the U.S. Department of Education, Dr. Watson’s work has been featured by the Aspen Institute, Center for Law and Social Policy, and Corporation for Enterprise Development, the Federal Reserve Bank, and the U.S Department of Health and Human Services Administration for Children and Families. Dr. Watson’s work received the Board of Governors of the California Community Colleges’ John W. Rice Diversity and Equity Award, the College Innovator Award from the Annie E. Casey Foundation, and a spotlight on the Discovery Channel’s Profiles Series showcasing national solutions to pressing social problems.

    Although Dr. Watson began college on a piano performance scholarship to later become a member of the National Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences (and a Grammy voter), he earned an Associate’s degree followed by a Bachelor’s degree majoring in Philosophy | Comparative Religion and Anthropology, which included study in Africa and South America. He earned a Master’s degree in Counseling Psychology with a specialization in the treatment of substance use disorders. Grounded in critical race theory in the context of network analysis, Dr. Watson completed research on the role of social capital in Latino educational attainment to earn a Doctorate degree in Educational Leadership (program emphasis: social justice and equity) from San Francisco State University.

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