College Council

Meeting Dates/Time:

College Council meets the 4th Wednesday at 2:30 p.m in L237.


Council recommendations will be forwarded to the President and will be the primary source of college-wide opinion in the decision-making process.

Issues brought to the Council may originate with any individual or standing committee.  It is required, however, that each issue must be reviewed by the appropriate standing committee(s), or their chairperson, in order to be placed on the Council agenda.

Recommendations will be reached by consensus. In the case where the issue remains unresolved by the consensus, a majority and minority position paper will be presented to the President. The President will meet with the Council prior to making a decision.

Agendas will be distributed and/or posted before each meeting. Approval of the agenda will be done at the beginning of the meeting.

Meetings are open to any interested individual.