CalWORKs Intake Process

CalWORKs Intake/Orientation

To complete Intake/Orientation, you must:

1. Be enrolled in College of Alameda courses (no minimum units required)

2. Be a current participant with CalWORKs at Social Services.

Note: Intake/Orientation is done year round!  However to get the most complete services, aim to complete Intake/Orientation 2-3 weeks before classes begin!

If you receive benefits within Alameda County, the EOPS/Care/CalWORKs department can verify your eligibility.

If you receive benefits OUTSIDE Alameda County, you must BRING proof of eligibility for CalWORKs to Orientation dated in January 2016.

Other things to note:

1. Orientation MUST happen every semester that a student is receiving CalWORKs for themselves and their child(ren)

2. Books and supplies are paid for through Social Services, not EOPS/Care.  However, you MUST complete intake/orientation to get authorization to buy your books and supplies from Social Services

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