CalWORKS Overview and Eligibility

CalWORKS at College of Alameda encourages personal responsibility and accountability. It is committed to help individuals receive an education and training, which will provide employment opportunities. CalWORKS promotes short-term training, as well as life-long learning. The ultimate goal of our program is to assist CalWORKS students with vocational / educational training programs that lead to self sufficiency. The CalWORKS Program at the College of Alameda has been developed in partnership with various Departments of Social Services.


Services for CalWORKs students include:

  • Academic advising and the development of a county approved educational plan.
  • Job placement: On and off campus .
  • Priority Registration.
  • Referral to transportation, books and supplies.
  • Complimentary graduation cap and gown
  • Support and advocacy with Social Services

Eligibility and Contact Information:

To be eligible for College of Alameda’s CalWORKS services, students must participate in the county’s CalWORKS program and complete our program Intake/Orientation. For more information, please contact (510) 748-2258.

We are located in the Welcome Center, A-building first floor in the EOPS office.

To stay in CalWORKs at COA, students must:

1. Attend Intake/Orientation one per semester

2. Make and keep 3 appointments per semester with the CalWORKs Counselor.  You make these appointments at the EOPS front desk

3. Complete and turn in an Academic Progress Report every Fall and Spring semseter

4. Update the CalWORKs counselor with any changes in schedule or family status

5.  If students require a CalWORKs at COA signature, allow at least 48 hours for documents to be signed and stamped.  Any forms must be dropped off at the EOPS front desk for signature

Our Mission

The Mission of College of Alameda is to serve the educational needs of its diverse

community by providing comprehensive and flexible programs and resources that

empower students to achieve their goals.