About Budget Committee at College of Alameda

Budget Committee at College of Alameda meets every second Wednesday of each month fo the academic year, from 12-1:30 pm in Room A 149

Committee Charge
• Review budgetary policies, processes, and timelines at COA and the District, provide feedback and communicate these policies, processes and timelines to the entire college community.
• Receive and review budget proposals from departments and/or program areas (APUs/Program Reviews); review the administrative recommendations and prioritization for funding such proposals
• Review priorities developed by administration with regard to the overall College Budget; Instructional Supplies, Discretionary Funds, Facilities Revenues and other cash receipts, and communicate such priorities to the college community. Provide recommendations for the funding priorities for overall college budget;
• Review Categorical Funding Budgets (i.e., DSPS, EOPS/CARE, CalWORKs) and the integrated planning budget for Basic Skills Initiative (BSI), Student Equity (SE), Student Success and Support Program (SSSP).
• Sponsor budget orientation and purchasing procedure workshops for the college of Alameda community to increase the budgetary competency and awareness about the budget and the budget allocation process.