Student at computer in lab

Assessment Office – Building L, Room 202C (2nd floor)

Appointments are required.

Schedule assessments by calling
(510) 748-5267. Please know your Peralta Student ID# when you set up your appointment.


  • The Assessment process is one of the required steps to enroll at the College of Alameda (see Steps to Enroll). Once students complete their Assessment session, the results are used by the Counselor to assist students in registering for the appropriate courses to match their skills in reading, writing, and mathematics to make their academic path most successful.



  • English and Math assessments will be administered using a self-paced computerized program. If you are taking both the Math and English assessments, please allow at least three 3 hours to complete the process. Appointments are required because space is limited.




  • There is no cost for assessment
  • Assessment results do not keep anyone from enrolling in college or any college program; however, students must meet prerequisites as stated in the college catalog for some specific courses.
  • Bring photo identification with you- (Driver’s license, passport, state-issued ID, student ID card are all acceptable) – on the day that you are scheduled for the assessment.
    • High school students: In addition to identification, bring your High School Concurrent Enrollment form, completely filled out with
      • Your intended COA Math and/or English course(s), and
      • Your high school Principal or counselor’s signature along with the parents/guardian signature on the form

Unsigned, incomplete,concurrent enrollment forms will not be accepted. NO ONE IS ADMITTED LATE. Students should arrive 15 min. earlier than the scheduled sessions.

  • No children or food are permitted. Electronic devices must be off during testing period, including cellular phones.
  • Copy of the Assessment results must be picked up in person, with identification.


  • Need alternative arrangements?
    • Call the Programs and Services for Students with Disabilities (DSPS): 748-2328 or 748-2330 (TDD).
    • ESL (English as a Second Language) assessment is provided for students whose native language is not English. You can request this assessment when you call to schedule an appointment.


  • Assessment Preparation Resources:

Students can only take the assessment once every two years. The results are used to assist in placement of the appropriate level English and Math courses. The assessment test should be taken seriously.


Students can prepare for assessment tests by reviewing the following preparation websites:



I am afraid I will fail the test. What can you tell me to help with that?

  • First, this test is not the kind of test you pass or fail… The result of the test is used by the Counselor to appropriately place you in a class that would feel right for you and also help to map out your best educational path.


  • We strongly recommend that you prepare by taking the sample test and reviewing the other resources mentioned above.


I don’t want to take the wrong test. Did you give me the wrong math test?

  • There is only one math test. All students take the same math test. Likewise, all students take either the same English test or ESL test. These tests self-adjust to the student as they answer questions.


When will I get my scores?

  • We print out your scores immediately, so you will be able to leave the testing center with your scores in your hand. It’s important that you keep the results of the test since it will be evaluated by the Counselor to place you on the appropriate class.


Do I have to see a counselor the same day?

  • We strongly advise students to visit the A Building to see a Counselor. A Counselor will evaluate the result of your test and recommend the right course for you. Only the Counselor can remove the ‘BLOCK’ every new student will have so you can register for your classes. The Counselors can help with creating your educational plan.


Are there re-takes?

  • No, in most cases there are not. Please take advantage of the resources we provide you so that you get the most from your Assessment experience.



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