AsstBan 1The Assessment process is one of the required steps to enroll at the College of Alameda (see Steps to Enroll). Once students complete their Assessment session, the results are used by the Counselor to assist students in registering for the appropriate courses to match their skills in reading, writing, and mathematics to make their academic path most successful. Assessment is conducted according to a semester schedule.

Please remember that before you take your assessment test, you must complete a College of Alameda Orientation. Click here to view your options:  College of Alameda Orientation.

English and Math assessments will be administered using a timed computerized program. If you are taking both the Math and English assessments, please allow at least three 3 hours to complete the process. Appointments are required, space is limited.

Schedule Your Assessment from the Web

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schedule your assessment appointment from the web?

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Appointments are required. 
 an assessment appointment by using online appointment services or calling (510) 748-5267. Please know your Peralta Student ID# when you set up your appointment. Log on to Passport and your SID will be located on the top of your Student Center page.

There is no cost for the assessment test.

Assessment results do not keep anyone from enrolling in college or any college program; however, students must meet prerequisites as stated in the college catalog for some specific courses.


You must bring with you to your appointment:

Photo identification – (Driver’s license, passport, state-issued ID, student ID card are all acceptable) – on the day that you are scheduled for the assessment.

Your certificate of completion from a College of Alameda Orientation.

If available high school transcripts.