Alameda Promise Project


Alameda Promise Students during Fabulous Friday 2015


Alameda Promise is a project designed to address the opportunity gap and improve educational equity at College of Alameda and is targeting services and providing incentives with the goal of promoting full-time attendance and success, while at the same time keeping longitudinal student record systems that will inform our institutional practices. Alameda Promise Project students will be provided with an array of educational and support services with the goal of achieving student success and academic achievement as measured by the completion of a degree/certificate or transfer to a four year institution.

Services available for Spring 2015 semester

• Access to Counselors and Faculty Advisers
• Priority Enrollment
• Math and English Tutors
• Assessment Preparation
• Support of Peer Mentors and the Support of Faculty Staff Student Advising Program (FSSAP)

Project Coordinator: Diana Bajrami; Tel: 510 748 5262
Planning Committee:
Anna O’Neal, Michael Duensing, Tamera Guard

College of Alameda
Room A 228