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Spring 2019 Late Start Class Listing

There is still time to enroll in spring 2019 late start classes. View the list of available courses here.Continue Reading

FabLab is OPEN for Spring 2019!

What is a Fab Lab?

A Fab Lab is a space where you can come to take advantage of tools, resources, and technology, using traditional and advanced manufacturing equipment to make almost anything. Fab Labs offer the opportunity to dream, design, and refine ideas. One can come in and experiment for fun, or work towards developing a fully fledged product. It is located in Room D-102. Continue Reading

College of Alameda Study Abroad Program – Costa Rica


COLLEGE/CLASS: College of Alameda – GEOG 48CR (1 Unit) – Spring Intersession 2019- Course #TBD

COURSE DESCRIPTION: Field trip emphasis is on the physical and human geography of Costa Rica. Along the way, we will walk rainforest trails, look over a volcanic crater rim, observe abundant wildlife and snorkel in the warm tropical Pacific Ocean. Participants must attend a pre-trip meeting in Alameda, California.Continue Reading